Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is in the Air

A new wedding, with new toys to use.

Here are my new cupcake stands. The cupcakes didn't last long, thank goodness the stands aren't edible even though they look yummy too.

I love the chairs and I know where to ask for them now...and I will ask for them.

Here's a shot of our new back drop system. It's made out of wrought iron with a satin powder coat finish. It's the perfect framework for makeshift draping/curtains. We used them for the food tables.

Look at this "dainty" piece. I think my husband hurt himself moving this thing, but it was worth it. Brandee's Aunt Brenda was the florist and also supplied the chairs with ties. She added so much to the final look and was a huge help.

Arch and ceiling were in full force Saturday night.

I made some apple towers to help compliment the fresh flower/candy arrangements. Gravity is always a challenge but a few well placed toothpicks really do the job.

I had fun with all the custom signs and was honored that they asked me to do one with new family name.

Congratulations and thanks to Brandee and Mason.

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