Friday, March 19, 2010

A December to Remember

Emma's wedding was full of bright colors. She was so cute. Best wishes to you and Brady....Thanks.

I can't tell how fun December was...No literally I can't. I don't remember most of the stuff we did we were so busy. I do remember the Robinson wedding though. Wow, lots of eye candy at this reception.

December also meant hosting bunco...Good food & great company, what a combo.

The Shelley family have been long time friends. It was an honor that they asked me to help. The theme was Hollywood 40's. We were able to get a red carpet with a movie candy display case and velvet ropes for the foyers and incorporated a theatre curtain look behind the cake/food table. Lots of fun feathers and the bride was a starlet while the groom kind of had a Monopoly guy tux with a top hat. Way fun.

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