Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adrienne & Mike Part II

One of the great things about doing events and weddings is you really run into some talented people who really are the perfect blend of professional and artistic. We had the pleasure of encountering such a company in Radiant Photography.

This dynamic duo of Scott and Breanna Chanson are everywhere but kind of in a ninja, non-impact, low carbon footprint type of way. They are your dream vendors ladies and gentlemen.

One of my favorite things about this assortment of pictures is that it is only a fraction of all the photos they took of this couple throughout their wedding day. It looks as though this was taken over days and even different events rather than just a matter of hours. These people can craft memories.

We really enjoyed working with them and they brought back a memorable evening when we reviewed the pictures of Adrienne and Mike. They have put together a fantastic blog and website. Give them a visit or better yet book them for a session.

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